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Premium Flat Head Newborn Pillow (Blue Starry Night)

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Newborns are so delicate and precious, especially their skulls which are still soft and developing. Due to the soft bone structure, a baby’s head can become flat depending on how long and often their head is in one position. Our premium flat head newborn pillow helps spread the weight of the baby head by mimicking the natural head curve of your little infant.

The concave center and a cushioned lining of the flat head newborn pillow provides both head and neck support, so you won't need to worry about your precious baby developing a flat head.



Material: Polyester / Cotton
Filling: PP Cotton
Weight: 0-1 pounds
Feature: Memory
Shape: Concave
Grade: Grade A
Special Features: Shaping Pillow
Pattern Type: Print
WLH: 16cm x 26cm x 3cm